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Matcha Green Tea Crepe Cake



Restaurante La Bodega del Bandolero


In El Bandolero’s restaurant, guests may enjoy the rustic ambiance in our main dining room,  Restaurant La Bodega del BandoleroBreakfast and lunch are served daily; one may also enjoy a meal in the hotel’s bar, El Bar de El Tempranillo, or on La Terraza. 

Logotipo Chef de las Castañas

All meals are prepared by Chef Iván Sastre Pascual who has trained in both savoury and pastry at Le Cordon Bleu, London having received his “Gran Diplom”. Chef Iván continues with an active interest in developing his kitchen knowledge and to this end continues learning new aspects of cooking knowledge; he is self-taught in using chestnuts in both sweet and savoury dishes, making ice cream, preparing bonbons and other chocolate delights as well as bread making from “masa madre” (otherwise known as sour dough).  His breads portfolio include much more than just masa madre (which is itself delicious);  Chef Iván’s also at times prepares whole wheat bread, focaccia, brioche, wheat bread with vegetables, bread with various types of nuts, bread with figs and nuts, chocolate and red wine, and of course chestnut bread.  Chef Ivan’s breads are available to pre-order simply by giving us a call (640.103.494) or messaging via WhatsApp Messenger.

House Specialty :- Suprema de Cochinillo, suckling pig.

Originally from Ávila, Spain, Chef Iván Sastre enjoys featuring fare from Ávila in his menu every now and then.   Having managed the Bandolero since 2004 in a chestnut producing area, Chef Iván has become the Chestnut Chef. From the very beginning here in Júzcar, Chef Iván has featured plates, both savoury and sweet, with chestnuts in his menu.  First and foremost, the Baked Chestnut Cream dessert, a simple yet memorable palate experience, a creation that remains on the menu today and is an absolute must try dessert.  

Having started making fresh breads from scratch some four years ago, of course chestnut bread is one of Chef Iván’s orginal successes.  Yes, there are others locally that offer “chestnut” bread but nothing compares to the chestnut bread produced in the Bandolero by Chef Iván; this is one among his other styles of breads available for purchase fresh from the oven, weekends mainly, but may be advanced ordered as well.

Some dishes that feature chestnuts: “Potaje”:- garbanzo, spinach and chestnut stew, (seasonal dish for the colder months), “Solomillo al Arrope”;- pork tenderloin stuffed with raisins and served on a bed of mash and chestnut cream, finished off with an arrope sauce. Fresh avocado filled with avocado mousse and chestnuts chips. Desserts include chestnut, white chocolate and pink peppercorn macaroons, chestnut tart with chestnut cream and our own marrón glacé.

Other creations of Chef Iván include Suckling Pig Supreme, his star house plate, served de-boned, with crunchy grissle, seasoned mash, honey, orange spiced sauce and asparagus.

With ever-changing palates, Chef Iván’s kitchen also offers more vegetable only dishes such as the “miloja de berenjenas y calabacines” and “tarta de lentejas con bulgur”. 

Pierna de Cordero Lechal – leg of suckling lamb

Prepared de-boned and shaped into a portion served with potato and beans.

Please find click on this link to the menu of Restaurante La Bodega del Bandolero; our menu is now available only in digital form via this link and QR codes placed in the restaurant. 

There is also a link to Examples of menus for groups; our main dining room has capacity up to 53 diners with advanced bookings.

We look forward to serving you on La Terraza.

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