Restaurant La Bodega del Bandolero

In El Bandolero’s restaurant, guests may enjoy the rustic ambiance in our main dining room, Restaurant La Bodega del Bandolero, where lunch and dinner are served daily, or one may enjoy a meal in the hotel’s bar, Bar de El Tempranillo, or on la Terraza. 

All meals are prepared by Chef Iván Sastre Pascual who trained in both savory and pastry at Le Cordon Bleu, London and has worked at some of London’s finest restaurtants.

Originally from Ávila, Spain, Chef Iván Sastre features fare from Ávila in his menu.  A typical meal might consist of: potaje de garbanzos y castañas (chic pea and chestnut stew), Suprema de Cochinillo con salsa de miel y especias (Suckling Pig Supreme with honey & spice sauce), Solomillo Ibérico al arrope con puré de patatas con crema de castañas (Pork Tenderloin al arrope [grape juice reduction] with mash al chestnut cream) or Venison tenderloin served with a porcini sauce and mash and finished off with crema quemada de castañas (baked cream infused with chestnut purée and topped with burnt sugar) or a volcán de chocolate (warm soft centreed chocoalte cake withe ice cream).

Above please find the link to Restaurant La Bodega del Bandolero’s menu; it contains dishes that are on offer at one time or another.

There is also a link to view example menus for groups; our main dining room has capacity up to 55 diners with advanced bookings.

“Restaurant La Bodega del Bandolero, closed on Tuesdays”


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